Spike Lee: President blew opportunity over Charlottesville

Topher Grace is David Duke in new film from Spike Lee and Jordan Peele

Spike Lee blasts Trump for not condemning the Klan and Alt-Right

Before inserting footage of the vehicle that ploughed through crowds in Virginia, killing counter-protester Heather Heyer, Lee said he telephoned Heyer's mother.

While promoting his latest film, "BlacKkKlansman", which is said to have received a 10-minute standing ovation during its Cannes debut, Lee took some time to remind the press about the US President's stance on neo-Nazis, or so-called "white nationalists".

Lee also noted that the racism depicted in his new film is not unique to the United States, but an issue that plagues the whole world.

Lee said, "We have a guy in the White House - I'm not gonna say his f***ing name - who defined that moment not just for Americans but the world, and that motherf***er was given the chance to say we are about love, not hate". Mrs. Bro said, 'Spike, I give you permission to put that in.' Once I got permission, I said, 'Fuck everybody else, that motherfucking scene is staying in the motherfucking movie.' Cuz that was a murder.

The 61-year-old film-maker said that following the violence in Charlottesville, the US President had the opportunity to denounce the Ku Klux Klan and the alt-right.

"That mother**ker [Trump] has the nuclear code!"

Later he mocked the idea of the United States being the cradle of democracy, reminding the crowd "the US was built upon the genocide of native people and slavery". Now we have our first look at how these events will unfold under Lee's cinematic supervision thanks to the first BlacKkKlansman trailer. The United States of America was built on the genocide of native people and slavery.

This seems as though it could be a return to form for Lee, as the award-winning director's most notable works have been cited as culturally impactful and relevant to the struggles that plague the black community in the United States. This right-wing bulls- is not just America, it is all over the world, and we have to wake up.

The Ku Klux Klan membership identification card awarded Ron Stallworth, a black Colorado Springs Police detective, upon his acceptance into the white supremacist hate group in January 1979. As my Brooklyn brother Jay-Z would say, facts.

He called the film a "wake-up call" and said, "We are on the right side of history with this film".

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