Putin Says Modernized Russian Missiles, Bombers To Deploy This Year

Putin: Russian Warships With Kalibr Rockets to Be on Guard in Mediterranean 24/7

Russia will deploy on a permanent basis in the Mediterranean, the ships with rockets Caliber

The Russian leader touted his navy's role in maintaining national security and enforcing Moscow's interests overseas, especially in Syria, where Russian warships have helped Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his Iranian allies battle rebels and jihadis attempting to overthrow the Syrian government.

He praised the professionalism and coordination of Russian ships and submarines during military operations in Syria, which, he said, had destroyed important facilities and infrastructure used by terrorists, Xinhua news agency reported.

According to Putin, such measures are necessary because of "the continuing threat of attacks by global terrorists in Syria". "As the risk of attacks by global terrorists in Syria remains our ships armed with cruise missiles will be permanently on duty in the Mediterranean", he said. "These and other crucial tasks were coped with successfully largely thanks to the high combat and technological readiness of the Navy", he said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet President Vladimir Putin in the Russian city of Sochi on May 21 for an informal summit, the External Affairs Ministry said here on Monday.

Putin said that 14 of Russia's missile regiments will receive new Yars intercontinental missile complexes to replace their old Topol complexes this year, while Russia's air forces will receive modernized bombers armed with long-range cruise missiles.

As relations between the West and Russian Federation have plummeted to post-Cold War lows, Putin has maintained that he does not want an arms race, but at the same time he has warned that his country is developing a new generation of weapons that he has described as "invincible" and unmatched by foreign rivals.

During its campaign against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), Russian surface ships and submarines carried out several massive cruise missile strikes on various terrorist targets.

In addition to safeguarding the Syrian military's comeback, Russia's naval presence in the Mediterranean serves another goal.

This will be the first meeting between the leaders since President Putin was re-elected in March.

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