Kim Kardashian deletes post promoting appetite suppressing lollipops after wave of backlash

Getty Images for Huffington Post

Getty Images for Huffington Post

Kardashian's Instagram followers and others on Twitter expressed their disappointment and disgust at the ad, noting it encouraged disordered eating and did not set a good example for Kardashian's young followers.

As you've likely seen, the KUWTK star has been DRAGGED online for supporting Flat Tummy's appetite-suppressant lollipops.

The company's website says the lollipops are created to be taken when people experience food cravings. And to play with your kids. "[You're a] bad and toxic influence on young girls", Jamil tweeted. "And to have something to say about your life at the end, other than 'I had a flat stomach'".

This isn't the first time Kim has shared some eyebrow-raising health advice via sponsored posts-remember the whole sleeping in a corset before her wedding thing?-but still, it was a surprising move considering the star seemed to have moved away from fast weight-loss fixes and turned her focus towards sharing her hard work in the gym with her trainer.

Celebrities and fans are calling her post "toxic" and a "terrible influence" on her young fans. No one should have to feel the need to suppress their appetite to fit to ridiculous beauty standards.

'Although they claim they are natural many drugs are actually from nature but it doesn't make them naturally good for you. Fan happinessnwrathe wrote: "Are you sick?"

Ignoring the hate, one wrote: "Beautiful queen.", as another added: "You look absolutely balm oh my god".

Many fans were disappointed, too.

The post has garnered criticism from disappointed fans who have slammed the mother-of-three for the "deeply irresponsible" move. Eating isn't shameful, our bodies aren't shameful.

In January Kardashian West also promoted a program from Flat Belly Co., which featured her holding milk in her underwear while drinking...something else?

To get a better idea of the dangers and risks surrounding appetite suppressors, InStyle spoke to Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, registered dietitian and resident nutrition expert at Betches Media. Jesus Christ. They're money hungry.

What spawned from her frustrations, though, is something much more positive.

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