Kangaroo captured hopping along South Carolina highway

Rogue Kangaroo Spotted on South Carolina Highway

Police called to reports of rogue kangaroo on US highway

Reports showed the animal staying near wooded areas and away from the road.

The kangaroo, which escaped from Melrose Farms animal sanctuary, was spotted "hopping/jumping along the sides of Highway 28 South", McCormick County Emergency Services said.

The McCormick County Sheriff's Office received calls that a kangaroo was spotted near the SC state line with Georgia early Tuesday morning, FOX 8 reported. A Facebook post by McCormick County Emergency Services was shared almost 500 times as of noon on Tuesday.

They posted an image of the marsupial to Facebook with the caption "I thought dispatch was joking".

The kangaroo was later corralled by its owner and is safe back in its pen.

So did David Yeldell, a lifelong McCormick County resident. The Sheriff's office and the owner are aware that.

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