Indian Gaming Commission Responds To SCOTUS Decision On Sports Betting

Dennis Drazin | Patty Wolfe

Dennis Drazin | Patty Wolfe

Evangelical leaders are expressing their opposition to a United States Supreme Court decision led by conservative justices that struck down a federal law stopping states from legalizing sports gambling.

Logically, then, if Congress cannot tell state governments not to adopt laws authorizing sports gambling, how can it instruct states not to adopt laws regarding gun control, marijuana legalization and any number of other matters across the political spectrum? Are there more vexing issues we have to face than sports betting? This comes after the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday decided a 1992 federal law prohibiting sports betting was unconstitutional.

"State leaders need to be prepared to tell the truth about the economic predation of casino gambling", he told Baptist Press in written comments.

The high ruling in Murphy v. NCAA reversed a decision from the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, concluding that the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act violated the Constitution's anti-commandeering principle.

All 50 states are now free to sponsor gambling on sporting events.

It's not like casino gaming is struggling in Oklahoma.

"We're partnered with the state". AGA President Geoff Freeman described the high court's opinion as "a victory for the millions of Americans who seek to bet on sports in a safe and regulated manner".

Alito wrote that Congress itself could proscribe all sports betting, but that it can't instruct the state governments not to do so. As Justice Stephen Breyer put it in his concurring opinion, "the only problem" with the challenged law "lies in its means, not its end".

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