Google rolls out Snooze and Nudge features for Gmail

Jason Reed  The Daily Dot

Jason Reed The Daily Dot

One of the new features that slipped under the radar was the ability to read and respond to messages while you're offline. The storage section will show how much space you are using for the offline mail on the computer.

The previous version of Gmail on the web also featured offline capabilities through a Gmail Offline Chrome app, which users are now encouraged to uninstall. After switching to new Gmail, go to Settings and selected Offline from the menu and then Enable offline mail from the options. Google also offers two security options for users to choose when they enable the offline mode. It's a feature sure to please business professionals traveling with a laptop, or those who are frequently on the go and without reliable internet.

On the Settings screen (Figure B) click Offline.

To delete the account data, users must first disable offline mode and save the changes. Anything you do in Gmail while offline, such as reading mail and archiving messages, will be synced with Google servers whenever you're back online.

Gmail Update Will Now Nudge Users To Respond To Emails
Gmail Offline mode and Nudges are now rolling out to users

ยท Keep offline data on my computer - Data stored on your device will not be deleted when signing out of your Google account or when changing your password. Usually, this is only a fraction of the storage available on your computer, so the available storage shown in Gmail offline settings is smaller than the actual available storage on your computer.

Before going offline, open Gmail in Chrome so that Gmail is already loaded.

Nudges are on by default, but you can switch them off by visiting Gmail's Settings page. Note that this is only available for the web version of Gmail and it is unclear if there are plans to bring a similar feature to mobile in the future.

Under "All cookies and site data", click Remove all. Knowing it's there, however, could help you make the most of time you might otherwise not be able to get work done, though.

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