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Players need to search 10 rubber duckies in total to complete the challenge and due to their small size they can be hard to find.

The weekly challenges offer players another way to progress through the season 4 Battle Pass, when you complete at least four of the seven tasks you are then rewarded with 5,000XP. The reward for doing so is a special loading screen; while primarily cosmetic, the real value in the loading screen is that it hides a secret that leads to a free Battle Pass tier.

This week's treasure map sends you to the dirt race track on the east coast of the map.

There is also a quirky challenge worth five stars requiring gamers to search for 10 rubber duckies.

The folks over at Fortnite Tracker have datamined the game, uncovering details about the next batch of challenges that users will have to complete to acquire some new and useful items. Well, each challenge you complete unlocks a new loading screen, which doesn't feel like great compensation for your effort. There is a Blockbuster Challenge available for each and every week of the Season.

However, as mentioned above, those wanting the extra Battle Star will need to complete all seven Challenges before they unlock the new loading screen.

There is a duck located under the giant toilet in Flush Factory, you will need to break the pole underneath to find it. Time to get hunting!

Go to the compound south of Retail Row and northwest of Moist Mire (Map Coordinates: I8) - on the tall fence in the northeast corner, you'll find your first star. You can also read the full patch notes here.

This one is a little trickier! Complete all of them to earn as many Battle Stars as possible - which will gives maximum value, in terms of loot, for a Battle Pass.

Another tricky one! This screenshot shows a holographic display of the Battle Royale map.

Finding the Battle Star on the map will help players level up to the next Battle Pass Tier, and is an extra bonus for hardworking fans.

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