Could North Carolina be site of new Apple campus?

Apple’s main campus in Cupertino Calif. MUST CREDIT Bloomberg

Apple’s main campus in Cupertino Calif. MUST CREDIT Bloomberg

North Carolina's incentive deal is said not to include any upfront grant money to the world's largest company. Will the new Apple campus be located in Northern Virginia, which is also on Amazon's shortlist for its second headquarters, or in North Carolina, close to three universities? The Washington Post reported Wednesday that Northern Virginia is in the running for the new location-but it may not be the only East Coast site in contention.

Separate reports from North Carolina and Northern Virginia suggested yesterday that Apple was considering both East Coast locations for its upcoming fourth US campus, but a new report is adding significant weight to North Carolina's prospects. Both Arizona and North Carolina are reportedly being considered by the Cupertino firm and both states are fighting to make sure that they are chosen. Cook earned his MBA from Duke University in 1988 and is quite familiar with the area.

Cooper's office neither confirmed nor denied the report to Business Insider.

His company announced in January that it intends to build a new Apple campus, but has gone about the search without publicly soliciting offers from localities. Where Amazon has been overt with its plans, leading to many public subsidy offers from states, and some protests from local residents, Apple is being far more secretive and has only promised to announce new plans for its future investment in USA facilities later this year. The company also is expected to spend $900 million to $1 billion on a new data center in Catawba County, where it already has a facility.

Apple didn't immediately return a request for comment. Yet WRAL's sources described Apple's smaller commitment as "a bigger prize than Amazon" because of its faster ramp-up plan and high-paying jobs.

Although tax incentives will most likely be part of the package that lures Apple to a new region, Cook has said that he does not want an "auction kind of process".

Apple's new "spaceship" headquarters in Cupertino, named Apple Park, has been called an architectural landmark. This increase in Apple's employee headcount would go a long way towards fulfilling the company's goal of investing $30 billion in the USA and creating upwards of 20,000 new jobs over the next five years.

The last Apple campus to break ground was its long-in-developmentApple Park.

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