Clarifying the primary voting process

PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP- Only about 33 percent of registered voters cast a ballot in Tuesday's election

SALEM — Voter turnout was modest for Tuesday's primary election

We're here to help. At this time, there is no Democratic candidate for Circuit Court Judge. Check out our voter guide.

You must be logged in to view this content. Check, or call 703.746.4050 for a list of acceptable photo identification and other election information, including sample ballots and in-person absentee voting hours. Follow along with daytime election turnout here.

The biggest local draw for Democratic voters in this year's primary was the Sheriff 's race, with incumbent Dewey Jones facing a challenge from Todd "T.O".

Choosing between Lupe Valdez and Andrew White as the party's nominee for governor is the only issue on the Orange County ballot and Democrat voters are an endangered species here.

The nonpartisan ballot contains only judicial races, and any special district bonds or levies.

The deadline to change your party affiliation was March 9.

Two more days remain for early voting, which runs through May 18, at the Voter Elections and Registration Office, 56 Short Street.

He or she, if previously registered with no party affiliation (undeclared), chooses to vote in a state or presidential primary and then does not change his or her registration back to undeclared.

Where do I go to vote? On this page you'll find the latest updates to election night results for the contested races. Benton County isn't scheduled to roll out ranked choice voting until November 2020, but we fear it may take longer than that for it to be used in a real election.

Generally, voters are affiliated with a political party when they previously chose to vote in a political party's primary or when they affiliate with a party while registering to vote.

Anyone who didn't vote in the Republican primary can vote in Tuesday's election, or vote early through Friday.

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