TV Producer Dies After E-Cigarette Explodes & Burns 80% Of His Body

Report: Exploding vape pen blamed for Florida man's death

Exploding vape pen killed Florida man, autopsy confirms

A representative from Smok-E Mountain told ABC affiliate WFTS that it believed the problem was related to the device's atomizer or battery, and not the device itself.

"A lot of things you get with smoking are not quite present in electronic cigarettes", Weeks said. Lose yourself in the billowing, sweet mist'. In this case, the autopsy noted that D'Elia was using a "mod" type e-cigarette manufactured by Smok-E Mountain.

There have been a few incidents of injuries stemming from vape pen explosions. Wilder told ABC Action News that he, as well as many other local store owners, won't sell unregulated e-cigarettes.

"Any other e-cig that has a computer chip in it prevents that from happening", Wilder added.

The Tampa Bay Times reports firefighters found D'Elia inside his burning home.

It is not known why the device blew up.

"Lithium-ion batteries fail in other devices as well, but in a laptop, it's on your lap".

There were 195 separate e-cigarette fire and explosion incidents in the United States reported by the media between 2009 and 2016, according to data released past year by the US Fire Administration.

D'Elia's obituary said he was a television producer and recently moved to Florida with his wife, Maria Lamberti.

His neighbor, Dale Kleine, said she was the one who identified D'Elia's burned body. "His mother and I weren't home, so that's why he may have been using it inside". Instead, they sell vape pens with a computer chip inside, which keeps the device from overheating.

In 2016, a vaping device blew up in a man's face in NY - knocking out his teeth, ripping a hole in his tongue and leaving his hands covered in burns. Last year, a vape pen exploded in an Idaho man's face, causing him to loose seven teeth.

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