Senators want FTC to investigate Google's location data collection

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Google is being investigated in Australia following claims it is using as much as $580m (£430m) worth of users' phone data a year to secretly track their movements.

They believe users might also be unaware that with Bluetooth turned on, location data (including movement) is gathered from beacons, where these are in use. We suggest our users download the apps from the trusted sources only and not download any malicious app that may affect their device's performance.

The investigations into Google data harvesting come in the aftermath of the privacy scandal around social media giant Facebook, accused of collecting user data for marketing purposes.

Rod Sims, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman, revealed some disturbing information after being briefed by United States experts. Fortune further reports that "Oracle also said Android devices sent Google detailed information on people's searches and surfing".

Google has never hidden the fact that they are tracking your location, you can see your location history in Maps by going to "My Timeline".

According to reports: "Google has mapped IP addresses, Wi-Fi connection points, and mobile towers".

The social media giant said improved technology using artificial intelligence had helped it to act on 3.4 million posts containing graphic violence, almost three times more than it had in the last quarter of 2017.

"They (Google and Facebook) are both extremely good at manipulating the law and they use those legalities", said Australian Privacy Foundation Chair, David Vaile toThe Guardian. The app uses the Google Play icon when requesting device administrator privileges.

Apple is expected to announce more features to help parents manage their kids' use of devices and apps at its next developer conference in June, according to several analysts who follow the company. A technology consulting firm has recently reported that Google is "preparing a petition for a rehearing en banc (a full-court review) of Oracle's recent appellate victory". Also, making the parents say please not only shows the kids that their parents have to be polite to Google, too, but can nudge us to take a gentler and more conversational approach to our prompts for Google Assistant.

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