Samsung launches red, gold Galaxy S9 smartphones in South Korea

The Galaxy S9 took much longer to hit an important milestone than its predecessors

Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ now available in Burgundy Red and Sunrise Gold

However, the two new color variants have been rolled out with Augmented Reality support, powered by Google. According to Samsung, this will "wrap the smartphone in a tranquil glow and glimmer" while creating a feeling of both "vibrancy and calm".

Samsung is so proud of the study's test results, they are releasing a new TV commercial this week to showcase the Galaxy S9, especially since sales for their current flagships are slightly behind their predecessor's figures. However, earlier it was only compatible with a few smartphones. Should the new editions come to Malaysia, the price tag will most likely cost the same from RM3299 to RM4399 depending on which model variant you're getting.

On the other hand, those looking for a "contemporary and traditional" feel should probably go for the Burgundy Red color which Samsung says - quite hilariously - is "one of the deepest reds available".

The Burgundy Red version which made its debut with the Galaxy S8 in India last month, is now available for the Galaxy S9 and the S9 Plus. Sunrise Gold will hit store shelves in June in select markets across Europe, Asutralia, and Asia - Australia, Chile, Germany, Hong Kong, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. Samsung did not explicitly state that these color options would be coming to the US.

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