Nikki Bella 'speechless' after John Cena admits he wants her back

Nikki Bella Says She Only Shared a Bed With John Cena '30 Days Total Out of 6 Months' Prior to Split

Nikki Bella: John Cena and I Only Shared a Bed for '30 Days Total of Six Months' Before Split

In a new clip from an all-new episode of Total Bellas, taped before their breakup last month, the 34-year-old wrestler admits she was feeling "lonely".

"John is such an unbelievable man".

Cape Town - Few people were probably more surprised than WWE star Nikki Bella when John Cena admitted that he still wants to marry her and start a family - just weeks after the couple split up.

"I don't know if they've already gotten back together". I think that's-she's searching for something, so I know I can't force her to find it-I don't want this to fall apart because of speculation. "I just want us both to live the rest of our lives happy. So I think it's okay in relationships to take that moment [to think things through]".

On the Today show Monday, Cena detailed his own heartbreak. "He's freakin' lucky that he's marrying you, and it bothers me that you're going to sacrifice all of it just because you're grateful that John proposed to you".

"It's been incredibly reflective, which is awesome, but it is very hard - I had my heart broken out of nowhere, or for me, it was out of nowhere", he said. He continued, "I don't want anybody else".

Cena went on to say he does not care about being "viral" with his comments, and he does not care about everything that comes out publicly following his comments, because his words were for an audience of one - and that is Nicole.

As for not wanting children, Cena said he's changed his mind about that too. "And that's because I love her, and I think in times of separation, oftentimes you speculate on what the other person is doing, and sometimes communication can get messed up and this is something that people don't always understand". You can't. I believe she [heard me] and I saw some of the comments that she made.

The presenter told Nikki, "He said "I love her, I want to be with her"..." "I just want us to work", Cena shared.

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