Korea rhetoric change due to Kim's "good faith": White House

This image shows a group of North Korean defectors at the center of a controversy over their defection

This image shows a group of North Korean defectors at the center of a controversy over their defection

A North Korean delegation has visited Beijing to learn about China's experience in economic reform and opening up, the foreign ministry said on Tuesday (May 15), the latest diplomatic outreach by the isolated regime. "If the nuclear threat is successfully neutralized, the rest of the world should back away and let South Korea take the lead in developing and expanding diplomacy, commerce and maybe even unification of the Korean peninsula". Trump has insisted he won't repeat the mistakes of the past, when agreements for North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons broke down due to disputes over inspections and the delivery of economic aid. "I think everyone on the ground there was hopeful", Beasley said when asked whether the North Koreans he met had mentioned anything about the summit.

After decades of failed diplomacy to negotiate on North Korean disarmament, some analysts are skeptical about what can be achieved at the upcoming summit in Singapore.

Pay attention to the news, White House press briefings, and Trump's Twitter feed, which are likely to prove the best barometer of what we can expect. But fundamentally it would mean accepting North Korea as a nuclear power.

Having under a month left prior to the hugely-anticipated discussions between United States Head Donald Trump and also N. Korea's head Kim Jong-un within Singapore.

The report comes a week after Kim made his second trip to China in less than two months to again meet with President Xi Jinping. If the Shangri-La hotel is chosen for the Trump-Kim meeting, much of the security preparations might already be in place. Yet as North Korea successfully launched successive intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) on 4 and 28 July-demonstrating a newly acquired capability to strike the U.S. mainland-President Moon felt compelled to fully deploy and operationalise the system.

The Seoul-based expert added North Korea would have preferred other countries such as China, Russia, and Mongolia, but the United States would have minded their positions as global rivals or as an unfamiliar third party. Thus, motivated by what might have happened, China behind the scenes has brought about the meetings between North and South Korea and between Trump and Kim. Believing we can "denuclearize" North Korea is probably not realistic in any case.

Experts say Kim needs to maintain good relations with his country's main patron as the Trump meeting looms.

What is notable is that such a deal means at least partially decoupling the USA from its regional allies in South Korea and Japan. Since the mid-1990s, the brinksmanship has included diplomatic efforts to shutter the North's nuclear weapons program. "No president has ever put America in a position where the North Korean leadership thought that this was truly possible that the Americans would actually do this", Pompeo told Fox News.

Fearing the last-on-the-scene USSR would overrun and subjugate the entire peninsula, U.S. Army officers Dean Rusk, future secretary of state, and Charles H. Bonesteel III, future general, were ordered to immediately define the area of American occupation - with no Korean input. And now there will be a meeting between Trump and Kim.

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