Could the new Pokemon Switch game be linked to Pokemon GO?


Pokemon Switch To Be Revealed This Month, Will Launch In 2018

That lends a lot of confidence to the notion that these domains were registered on behalf of Nintendo, so Pokemon Let's Go! could very well be the title of the next mainline Pokemon games.

While this shouldn't be taken as official confirmation that the Pokemon Let's Go rumors are true, this certainly tosses more fuel on an already raging fire. This company has registered domains for Nintendo in the past, and they were also behind the registration of the domain. Just the inclusion of the word "Go" in those potential titles hints strongly at a link to Pokemon GO.

This is according to a blog post by well-connected insider Emily Rogers who claims that the game will be officially revealed by the end of this month.

Rumours that the these two titles would appear on the Switch were sparked yesterday, with a leaked image on 4chan. Both of these are one of the most popular IPs for Nintendo. As happens in the industry from time to time, it seems as though this leak is now a given. Linking the console and mobile games was also mentioned, though to what extent remains unknown.

Joe Merrick of the Pokemon news site was the first to report the news. Looks like Nintendo Switch users might be getting that after all. Additionally, the games may feature Pokemon that follow the trainer around, akin to Pokemon Yellow Version and the Gold and Silver remakes from 2009. Or being able to join in a raid from your own house in some capacity if you're unable to make it to the location in person.

Nintendo haa confirmed that Switch will get a mainline Pokemon game but they haven't specified any release year or shared information about it.

So, when are we going to actually see the game?

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