YouTube TV app gaining voice remote feature

YouTube TV gains “voice remote” on Android devices

YouTube TV Picks Up Voice Remote Feature

You should also get a popup in the app to tell you about the new feature when it becomes available to you.

YouTube TV picked up a new feature today called Voice Remote.

Speak any of the commands below into your device's microphone. As the name suggests, you can now control YouTube TV on your phone with only your voice (and a tap of a single button).

The feature is available only to those who are premium users and pay Dollars 40 per month for a YouTube TV streaming subscription.

For example, you can use your voice to change channels, play a particular channel, perform forward and rewind operations as well as adjust volume. This feature, when enabled, allows users to control their YouTube TV experience completely via voice controls. Not all users are seeing the feature at this time, as noted by Android Police, which acquired the screenshot above. According to some reports, the feature will only accessible for those with month subscription for a YouTube TV streaming by shelling out $40.

We're not seeing this option live yet on any of our devices just yet, but it does seem to be rolling out in a limited capacity, likely ahead of a much larger rollout.

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