Fortnite update 4.2 gets a new release date after being delayed

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Fortnite's new 4.2 patch is coming tomorrow, Servers downtime announced

Today was supposed to be a fairly exciting one for Fortnite players. As we get into the summer and then the busy fall quarter, a steady cadence of patches with new content will enable Epic's shooter to compete with major new releases from blockbuster franchises like Call of Duty and Battlefield. This week, for one of the challenges, you need to watch a replay. However, Epic did not specify how long the downtime will last.

But, even watching replays of games we've only played since the update went live this morning, we're having no joy completing the challenge. Due to these issues, Epic was forced to delay the roll out of version 4.2, which was supposed to bring numerous quests for week 3 of season 4 online. This, in turn, means that some of week 3's quests aren't working properly at the moment.

While the 4.2 update doesn't appear to contain anything too significant, the huge popularity of the game's Fortnite Battle Royale mode means that any patch is greeted by an overwhelming amount of excitement. For now, most of what's included in version 4.2 remains a mystery, but we do know that it will include a new burst assault rifle for players to find and use.

Update: The new Fortnite patch has been delayed due to Epic's discovery of an unspecified issues.

While Epic Games have not gone into detail about what the issue the caused the delay was, it appears that it has been resolved to their satisfaction.

As soon as the patch notes do officially roll out, we will update you with everything new in the update.

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