Final Fantasy VII Remake Has Composer Nobuo Uematsu On Board

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Has Composer Nobuo Uematsu On Board

After teasing the introduction of a brand new character, during one of their latest broadcasts for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Square Enix revealed that Final Fantasy VI character Locke Cole would be joining the action RPG fighting as a new playable character.

Locke doesn't have a release date yet, but we assume that he can't be far off.

As you might recall, Uematsu is the composer behind various classic Final Fantasy games including the original FFVII. It's unclear at this point if Uematsu will simply be remastering the tracks he created for the original release, or if he will be creating a brand new soundtrack from the ground-up.

Nibelheim King Mog Event - This new event challenges players to take on Yin & Yang and other familiar monsters from FINAL FANTASY VII as they collect currency to exchange for weapons, abilities, and other rewards. Uematsu is responsible for either composition or supervision for most of the main Final Fantasy games.

While the majority of fans knew that the Final Fantasy VII remake wasn't anywhere near completion, we couldn't have anticipated just how delayed its production would be. Sony is said to have no conference but a Nintendo Direct style show. Although, seems like the producer has convinced the composer to work his magic on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

It is certainly possible that the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released much earlier than 2023 due to moves like Square Enix going with in-house development after pulling the project out from third-party studio CyberConnect2.

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