Sen Cantwell Files Petition to Force Net Neutrality Vote

Democrats Push Vote on Sen. Markey's Net Neutrality Measure

US Senate to vote on overturning FCC net neutrality plans

Without congressional action, net neutrality supporters say it will just be a matter of time until the Office of Management and Budget approves the change and they go into effect.

Opponents of the new net neutrality rules in the US have succeeded in calling a vote in the US Senate to overturn the FCC's plans. "My resolution will *fully* restore #NetNeutrality & we only need #OneMoreVote to pass it in the Senate".

The misguided decision to apply regulations created in 1934 for voice telephone services to the internet-adopted on a party-line vote by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2015-has, according to the FCC, slowed investment, preventing the improvement and expansion of services to the 39 million Americans living in rural parts of the country.

Net neutrality is the idea that all information should be able to pass freely through internet servers.

Q: How does the Senate vote come into play?

In the light of the USA senate's push to rescind the change through a Congressional Review Act (CRA), platforms like Tinder, Pornhub, and Reddit have decorated their pages with vivid calls to action and facts about the rules' bipartisan support. Susan Collins of ME, who is known for crossing party lines on key votes.

"The internet is lighting up in protest once again because this Senate vote will impact the future of the web for years to come", Evan Greer, deputy director of Fight for the Future, said in a statement.

If Sen. John McCain, a Republican who is now home in Arizona battling brain cancer, is not present for the vote, a 50-49 decision would send the vote to the House. In addition to the 49 senators signing the discharge petition, Sen. Should the Senate vote in favor of overturning the FCC's decision, it would then advance to the House of Representatives for another vote. And many of its members ― including websites like Reddit, Tinder, Tumblr and Wikimedia ― began running "red alert" banners on Wednesday to raise awareness on the issue. And in order to encourage one more Senator to join every Democrat and the one Republican who have committed to vote for net neutrality, launched its Red Alert campaign today. A spokesman for McCarthy, Matthew Sparks, declined to comment on when or whether the House could take up the CRA, saying that the House is dedicated to working on a separate net neutrality bill "to permanently address this issue".

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