Amazon Alexa Will Come Built-In to All New Homes From Lennar

A sign touting Amazon's collaboration with Lennar home builders is seen at an Amazon ‘experience center’ in Vallejo

Introducing Amazon Experience Centers

The company announced this morning that it's partnering with home-builder Lennar to create model homes - so-called "Amazon Experience Centers" - with Alexa-controlled appliances built-in, with the hopes that the demos convince home owners and home buyers to embed Amazon services into their houses. On Wednesday, the e-commerce giant introduced what it's calling Amazon Experience Centers, which will offer customers the ability to "experiencefirst-hand the convenience of the Alexa smart home experience and more in a real home environment". The model homes showcase how customers can use Alexa in their everyday lives.

It won't just be Alexa that these model homes show off - Amazon will also be shining the spotlight on Dash Buttons, Fire TVs, and even Amazon Home Services.

As with the company's home services specialists, the people who will staff the Experience Centers will also be employees of Amazon, "experts" in the company's parlance, "employees who are specially trained on the latest technology and are passionate about helping customers". There is no better way - and that is exactly what Amazon is doing with its new lineup of Amazon Experience Centers.

Amazon chose to work with Lennar because it can showcase the Alexa experience within driving distance of millions of customers, Nish Lathia, general manager at Amazon Services, told Dallas News.

Visitors can control the thermostat, lights, television, and shades, as well as order household items, through the Dash buttons and schedule in-home contractors for tasks from repairs to cleaning.

Amazon Experience Centers feature the latest products and experiences set up by Amazon experts.

Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, San Fransisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C., are all among the first cities to receive model homes equipped with Amazon products, but after the first 15 models the company says it will add more.

"Amazon's ability to bring a home to life with Alexa smart home experiences, entertainment and services - coupled with their obsession with customer experience - is a natural extension of our Everything's Included approach to homebuilding", said David Kaiserman, president of Lennar Ventures, in a statement. Customers can visit for more information and to find available homes to tour.

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