Derek Carr calls NFL Draft prospect Lamar Jackson 'a special talent'

Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson

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"One of those teams is going to schematically and philosophically commit to this kid, which is what it takes". It took an African American general manager in Baltimore's Ozzie Newsome, running his last draft, to trade up from the second-round to grab Jackson.

In February, ESPN NFL analyst Bill Polian said Jackson shouldn't play quarterback and would be better off moving to wide receiver. He also rushed the ball 24 times for 95 yards and two touchdowns.

But the good thing, though, is Jackson does appear likely to receive his chance to play quarterback in the NFL. Jackson ran the Erhardt-Perkins offense at Louisville.

Lamar Jackson, of course, just finished off one of the most successful college careers of all-time, winning the Heisman Trophy in 2016, and finishing with the most career rushing yards at the QB position in the history of the sport.

As we get ready for Day 2 to start, let's do a little looking back and a little looking ahead.

There's talk that there could be some tension between Jackson and Robert Griffin III due to their similar playing style - but Lamar doesn't see it that way at all. describing RG3 as more of a mentor.

A couple weeks ago, Sports Illustrated wrote a very interesting story about how Jackson's mother influenced the Louisville coaching staff to play him at quarterback. "It's an organizational decision to go in a completely different fashion".

This year, the backstage cameras at the draft were focused on the clearly uncomfortable Lamar Jackson of Louisville.

Mayfield "won" draft night but Jackson may go on to have the better career. Of the seven quarterbacks who have been drafted with the first overall pick since 2007, three of them have been black. The New England Patriots reportedly were "intrigued and impressed" by the 21-year-old after working him out earlier this month, and while they now own the No. 23 overall pick, they have the draft capital to trade up if they think Jackson will go earlier.

No other period in the National Football League calendar produces such baseless generalisations, and no draft narrative was more bewildering than the one to have recently engulfed Rosen.

While Jackson might be the only quarterback being asked to change positions this year, it's not as if its never been suggested that a white quarterback change positions before.

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