Triple H Addresses Criticism of Women Not Competing at Greatest Royal Rumble



WWE is treating the show like a really big deal, not just another foreign house show. Until under a year ago, they weren't even allowed to drive.

If Brock Lesnar retains the title it puts him on that path to eventually eclipse former WWE star CM Punk as the longest-reigning major champion in modern-day professional wrestling. From the champion beast incarnate Brock Lesnar, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, to Seth Rollins will be seen defending their Championships belt in Royal Rumble in Saudi. The WrestleMania-esque mega event will take place inside a massive (sold out) stadium in the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah.

The Greatest Royal Rumble event will stream live on WWE Network and be available on pay-per-view outside of the Middle East. While many fans seem thrilled with the event, there has been some backlash from the media and by some fans since female wrestlers are not allowed to compete at the Greatest Royal Rumble.

Russo opens today's show by mentioning that this week's RAW opened with a magnificnent tribute to Bruno Sammartino.

As redditor GrumpyAntelope pointed out: "Can you imagine if they had done an Apartheid-era show in South Africa back in the 80's, and shelved all of their non-white performers?"

"I understand that people are questioning it, but you have to understand that every culture is different and just because you don't agree with a certain aspect of it, it doesn't mean it's not a relevant culture", Triple H said, according to The Independent.

The confusion appears to stem from Heyman not traveling with the rest of the Raw crew to Saudi Arabia.

We will have complete coverage of the Greatest Royal Rumble show on Friday beginning at 12 pm eastern. However, WWE offers one month for free if you are a new sign-up for the service, and you could simply cancel right after watching the show.

A very traditional country, Saudi Arabia is considered the birthplace of Islam where Sunni Islam is the official state religion. Triple H, however, believes women will be able to participate in the event in the future.

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