PUBG's Miramar Map Comes to Xbox Test Servers Tomorrow

PUBG Corp to Balance Weapons by Nerfing Assault Rifles + Level 3 Helmet Changes

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS :: Dev Blog: Weapon Balance Patch Incoming - Steam Community

Since its early access launch in December, the Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has featured only a single map.

The changes will be hitting the game's test servers first and will eventually make their way to live servers.

Despite coming out of the early access past year, PUBG has a lot of issues that still need to be fixed and developer PUBG Corp has announced its plans for PUBG Weapon rebalances along with attachments rebalances and making the level 3 helmet a care package exclusive.

While the team didn't reveal what changes will be made with PUBG weapon rebalances and if we have to speculate then the team might be looking to nerf assault rifles in order to make things balanced. The map test begins tomorrow, and players can start downloading the Miramar-only server right when midnight hits.

During the test period and beyond, we will be actively listening to player feedback and using it to improve the build, so please be sure and share your comments, questions, and concerns in the thread below!

Throughout the test, the team is planning to divvy up "bug bounty" award as well: 150 players who report bugs will pick up some special "swaggy" in-game items. I wonder when that version will receive the Miramar map!

April 24th, 12am, your local timezone. The new update that will be available on test servers soon will rebalance weapons in such a way that ensures players will choose them based on their personal preference instead of picking the one with the highest damage output.

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