LG G7 ThinQ to reportedly feature dedicated Google Assistant button

LG G7 will have a dedicated Google Assistant button, report claims

The LG G7 extra button will be linked with Google Assistant

Now it looks like LG could be borrowing the feature for its upcoming LG G7 ThinQ which is expected to be the company's next flagship.

The report, from CNet, quotes "people familiar with the smartphone", who say that the LG G7 ThinQ (gah, that name!) will have a dedicated button on the left hand side of the phone that will call the Google Assistant. This is because LG had previously launched ThinQ devices powered by Google Assistant, so with the LG G7 receiving the ThinQ branding, we're not surprised that Google Assistant will be integrated into the handset somehow. The approach hasn't seen much love from users, so it'll be interesting to see how LG's customers will respond to having a dedicated assistant button on their phones - especially since users won't be able to reprogram the button to do something else. The use of AI has shown to be a key theme for LG this year, from the integration of Google Assistant to its televisions to the use of AI to recognize the pictures shot by the V30S ThinQ's camera. Even the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said that the Artificial Intelligence will help getting rid of harmful content from social media. An LG spokesman turned down to comment on the story and only pointed to the teaser announcement for the phone. It's also been included by Google in the HTC built Pixel 2, and LG built Pixel 2 XL as well.

Would you buy a phone with a permanently mapped button to Google Assistant? For example, Amazon and its Alexa assistant sell Echo speakers which have a virtual assistant facility that recognises a set of commands.

In the meantime, LG is in a war for relevancy.

The company has not revealed any information regarding the phone yet.

There are some rumors and some images stating the phone will look more or less like the iPhone X. But to know the reality, we have to wait a little longer as the phone will be launching on 2 of May in NY. At least with the Google Assistant button, there is one trait that lets it stand out from the pack.

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