England stun Australia to win last-gasp gold at Commonwealth Games

Ross Wilson

Ross Wilson has won two Paralympic bronze medals

Kurt Fearnley has finished his glittering career as an Australian representative, with gold in the Commonwealth Games marathon.

Carrara Stadium was entered by the athletes until the broadcast began and spent all of their service masked in darkness like Beattie as well as several different dignitaries took to extend praise.

The Commonwealth Games have ended in unspectacular fashion, with viewers and athletes left in disbelief over the disastrous finish to a brilliant event on Sunday night. "It shows that I have the class of a world class athlete to compose myself".

That the opening service was criticized by Social media users for incorporating addresses and being too much time.

"The speeches were too many and too long". I was part of that and it is acknowledged by me. "Again, we got that wrong", Beattie tweeted.

"We can only show the pictures that are provided by the actual host broadcasters", Griggs said. "They made a decision not to have athletes enter the stadium".

It was not just the men who stood on the top of the podium, but where they were in cruise control, a makeshift women's 4x100m team had a tougher time on the way to gold.

"I'm furious. They're actually, wrecking a tradition that is so important".

"It was the intention of the Closing Ceremony creative to have the athletes involved from the very start of the show, enabling them to be all part of the celebrations, " read the statement.

"You want to see the athletes come in". The instant was seen by them.

"We missed out on all of that".

Former Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt plays the DJ decks during the closing ceremony.

"I got to carry that flag around, and thankfully my mum and my sister were in the stadium".

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