Colorado teachers prepare for 'Day of Action'

Most District 19 teachers stay in classrooms

Colorado teachers prepare for 'Day of Action'

In addition, teachers that are appointed in various government schools and colleges are inexperienced because of which students suffer the most.

"West Virginia woke us up", Joe Thomas, president of the Arizona Education Association, told cheering teachers at a rally in Phoenix last month.

Colorado's teachers' union expects more than 400 teachers at a rally that's planned for Monday at the state's Capitol in Denver.

Oklahoma teachers were heading back to classrooms after staging a nine-day walkout, in which they filled the state capitol building in Oklahoma City to demand the restoration of funding for education they say has been drastically reduced over the past decade. According to the National Education Association, Colorado teachers average $US46,000 per year, and rural-based Colorado teachers can make as little as $US30,000.

Colorado teachers prepare for 'Day of Action'
Colorado teachers prepare for 'Day of Action'

She also implored teachers to focus on unseating lawmakers who voted against raising funding for education. Besides more funding for schools, it's opposing proposed changes to the pension system for teachers and other public employees. Teacher however, are to return to work today.

It is not a coincidence these movements took place in Republican-led states in which tax cuts take precedence over funding education.

The Arizona teachers are demanding a 20 percent pay hike from an average of $43,280 a year for elementary school teachers and annual pay of $46,470 for high school teachers. "ETFO's education agenda calls for greater student access to specialist teachers to provide more support in the arts and physical education as well as more guidance teachers and teacher-librarians". Under these laws, workers are able to enjoy the benefits of a union contract without having to pay union dues. Not surprisingly, lawmakers who serve corporate interests want to reduce unions' power and membership. The Oklahoma Teachers Association, the state's largest teachers' union, has spoken for the thousands of educators throughout the walkout.

The Englewood School District canceled classes ahead of the movement because so many teachers are expected to participate.

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