Yerevan protesters enter Armenian State Pedagogical University

Armenians protest leader's plan to stay in power as prime minister

Protest against ex-leader's move in Armenia

Thousands of opposition supporters have blocked traffic in the Armenian capital over a recent change of government that the opposition sees as a move by the ex-president to stay in power. The Yerevan police used riot control methods against protesters who attempted to climb through barbed wire to make their way to the Armenian parliament.

There were media reports that Tuesday's NA special session to elect the PM would not be convened in the parliament building. 'Fake agenda' Parliamentary vice-speaker Eduard Sharmazanov, who is the ruling party's spokesman, dismissed the protests as "the opposition's artificial and fake agenda".

The RPA will nominate Serzh Sargsyan as candidate for the next Prime Minister.

In this edition Day.Az reported that the activists, led by the leader of the party "Civil contract", Deputy of the parliamentary faction of the "EFC" Nikol Pashinyan broke into the building of Yerevan state base medical College. On Monday morning, April 16, protesters blocked bridges, streets and underground stations to protest Sargsyan's candidacy. Some chanted "Armenia without Serzh" and "Serzh is a liar".

On Monday, the ruling Republican Party and the government-friendly Dashnaktsutyun Party formally nominated Sarkisian as candidate for the post of prime minister despite the protests.

Rallies began on Friday with more than four thousand taking part.

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