Trudeau Puts Money Where His Mouth Is On Pipeline Dispute

Sean Kilpatrick  CP                       Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto in Lima Peru

Sean Kilpatrick CP Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto in Lima Peru

Trudeau spoke after an emergency meeting with the premier of British Columbia, who opposes plans to nearly triple the capacity of the company's Trans Mountain pipeline from oil-rich Alberta to the west coast.

"He has no answers, he simply does not have a plan to resolve this, we've asked for answers but there are none", explains the Liberal Bond, before noting the local significance the project has on this region.

"I'm quite confident that should these discussions end successfully, that the pipeline will be built - and that is good, because the pipeline is in the national interest".

"Except they've taken off the table use of the Constitutional Declaratory Power to bring legal certainty, they've taken off the power a...federal government court reference to the Supreme Court of Canada to steal the march on John Horgan's legal delay tactics in British Columbia and they've taken off the table the most obvious leverage the feds have, which is the power of the purse", he said.

Kenney said in recent days the federal government has said everything's on the table to ensure construction, yet we aren't getting closer to getting this critical project built.

Horgan was the first to emerge following the meeting, saying that nothing was discussed that would end his ongoing opposition to the project.

Kinder Morgan officials declined to comment but the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers said it was happy with the clarity given Sunday.

Horgan and Trudeau did agree to "address the gaps" in the $1.5 billion federal Ocean Protection Plan.

He added that they are in financial discussions with Kinder Morgan to "remove uncertainty" from the project, and are pursuing legislative options as well.

Kinder Morgan, meanwhile, has given Trudeau until the end of May to find a solution that would provide their investors a measure of confidence that the project would be allowed to proceed.

"Unfortunately, over the course of nearly a year, they have not specifically put forward proposals on how they would like to see us improve the oceans protection plan", said Trudeau.

Horgan blamed the lack of specifics on the dispute itself.

"The federal government, along with the government of Alberta, has commenced discussions with Kinder Morgan to establish a financial relationship that will eliminate investor risk", Notley said.

Indeed, knowledge is limited when it comes to how diluted bitumen - known colloquially as dilbit - interacts with water, and how best to contain and clean it up. The company said it would make a final decision on the pipeline by May 31.

"His damaging policies. have only led to more uncertainty and instability in Canada's resource sector", Scheer said, describing an energy sector that is now convinced that "Justin Trudeau does not want their business in Canada".

A number of B.C. groups in opposition to the project, including Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, NDP MP Kennedy Stewart and Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robert are expected to hold a press conference on the matter Monday. He noted Trudeau's father would not have stood for what the Horgan government is doing - despite his reputation as an oilsands opponent.

"This Prime Minister could not be less serious about this vital issue", said Leader of the United Conservative Party Jason Kenney.

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