'The Walking Dead' Fans Are Worried Maggie Is A Villain

How long is TWD tonight

AMC How long is TWD tonight

Maggie wants, and deserves, revenge. Daryl instead showed some mercy, throwing keys at him and telling him to get the hell out of town. He tells him to go and keep going.

Throughout Wrath, it seemed as though something big was going to happen, and the episode edged near some big fundamental change before carefully skittering back again. Dwight drove to the house where he had found a note from his wife Sherry after she fled the Sanctuary and found another one, with a single word: "Honeymoon".

Jerry, Henry, Ezekiel and Carol head back to the Kingdom. "We have to make it right!" she screamed through tears.

"Rick was wrong to do what he did".

Also satisfying to see: Rosita punching Eugene for vomiting on her in the previous episode.

Maggie was seen talking to Jesus in her office at the Hilltop about what's next. Make it thrive for the people who live here. But she also wants them stronger and wants them to defende themselves better.

Unfortunately for her, Rick chose for his life to be saved and Michonne restrained her from doing anything. Rick pursues him and eventually confronts Negan underneath a tree with two pieces of stained glass swinging from its branches - the same tree The Walking Dead has been showing glimpses of all season.

Later, it was revealed that Rick's plan for Negan includes locking him away and letting him live out the rest of his life in prison. And what became of those scenes of a red-eyed, tearful Rick from the season 8 premiere? He says that he remembers the past and them walking along a path when Carl was a child. This is him turning over a new leaf and deciding there's a different way forward....

Rick hasn't been the greatest leader, it's true, but if Gimple and company think the way to win back fans is a survivor mutiny I think there's trouble ahead for more people than Rick.

I was surprised that Eugene did what he did.

The episode wrapped up with new alliances formed and some shocking new battle lines drawn from within Rick's own ranks, something that should set up an interesting season when the show returns in the fall. The question is, just how long had Eugene been planning this? Later, back at the Hilltop, she had a meeting with Jesus and Daryl, where they essentially formed an anti-Rick alliance. Will Maggie actually go through with her revenge plot?

Obviously, "The Walking Dead" is too much of a cash cow for AMC to part with the show blithely, but at this point, it wouldn't be insane to start contemplating an end game, one that would allow viewers to follow Rick's story, at least, toward some sort of natural conclusion. What's most surprising is that no one important died in The Walking Dead season 8 finale! This leaner approach allows the series to feel nimble and unpredictable where The Walking Dead can be bloated and lumbering-especially in recent seasons. Is Maggie right to bide her time and then show Rick why she thinks he is wrong? This man named John is played by none other than Garrett Dillahunt who you might know from The Gifted, Raising Hope, and 12 Years a Slave. Will the communities really be able to work together and grow into a new world?

Morgan's still not right: Somehow the sight of former Savior prisoners coming back to the Hilltop from a zombie-killing run got Morgan so worked up that he almost put his bo staff through young Henry's neck.

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