Haley: More Russia Sanctions Coming Following Syrian Chemical Attack

Stef Blok

Minister Stef Blok

Halley also announced USA plans to impose new sanctions on Russian Federation over Syria, in addition to existing ones over Ukraine and meddling in US elections.

Sources said President Trump was upset by Nikki Haley's announcement. "They will go directly to any sort of companies that were dealing with equipment related to Assad and chemical weapons use", Haley said, referring to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

'So I think everyone is going to be feeling it at this point. "I think everyone knows that we sent a strong message, and our hope is that they listen to us", she said.

The Treasury Department told DailyMail.com it "does not comment on prospective actions".

FILE - President Trump speaks in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House on, April 13, 2018, in Washington, about the United States' military response to Syria's April 7 chemical weapons attack.

The remark came in a parenthetical phrase during an interview on Fox News Sunday, as Haley blamed Russian Federation for strains in its relationship with the United States. "We have to be conscious of the fact that we can't allow even the smallest use of chemical weapons".

Still, Russia's president Vladimir Putin has not backed down on his support for Assad despite worldwide pressure, and claims the strikes represent a violation of global law.

Haley went on to say Russian Federation is continuing to be involved with the "wrong actors" adding U.S. - Russian Federation relations are "very strained". The operation targeted three Syrian chemical weapons facilities - one in the capital of Damascus and two others near Homs, near the border with northern Lebanon.

But US officials have blamed Russian Federation for failing to rein in its Syrian ally, as the guarantor of a 2013 agreement to dismantle Syria's chemical weapons.

French President Emmanuel Macron said he had persuaded Trump to commit long-term to Syria. The dictator has said the airstrikes against Syria came with a campaign of "lies" and misinformation in the United Nations. "We are going to watch out for the best interests of the American people".

The first and largest was the Barzah Research and Development Center which was considered to be the "heart" of the regime's chemical weapons program.

Putin, in a phone call Sunday with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, described the USA strike as a violation of worldwide law.

Haley rejected the premise posed by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace that the USA has condoned Assad's use of conventional weapons to kill rebels attacking his forces, just not chemical agents.

"It's not moving near as fast as any of us want it to move, but this is a political process that needs to happen", she said.

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