Gmail Creating Self-Destructing Email Feature

Amongst other features Confidential Mode allows users to set an expiry date on their email

GOOGLE via THE VERGEAmongst other features Confidential Mode allows users to set an expiry date on their email

The new update for the web version of Gmail, along with several new features including smart reply from the web client, the ability to snooze emails and offline support.

The search engine giant has another feature up its sleeve called "confidential mode" that will allow users to limit what recipients can do with the emails you send, preventing them from being forwarded, downloaded or printed, according to another report in The Verge.

One of those features is the excellent Smart Reply which uses AI to offer up a choice of three automatic response to an email.

The new look also enables Gmail users to place calendar appointments side-by-side with messages, which should help avoid doubling-booking, or missed events.

The updated Gmail on desktop is also set to include two of the best features that are now available in Inbox by Gmail - Google's other email app.

It's a hugely important feature.

Another feature further boosts security by requiring the recipient to confirm their identity by entering a passcode which is sent to them by SMS.

An expiry date - after which the email vanishes from the recipients' inbox - is also possible in the redesigned Gmail app. Now while the recipient of the email will not be allowed to copy and paste the content, some testers have found no issues in taking screenshots of the email, so it doesn't guarantee total privacy.

The re-design will be released in the upcoming weeks.

The blockbuster Gmail upgrade comes as Google is expected to announce more big news in the coming weeks.

In a statement to The Verge, Google revealed: "We're working on some major updates to Gmail (they're still in draft phase)".

If you're sent an expiring email you want to secretly squirrel away, all you need to do is capture an image of the screen to peruse the message at your leisure.

I/O brings together developers from around the globe for talks, hands-on learning with Google experts, and a first look at Google's latest developer products. That doesn't seem to stop Google, as the company is now going beyond the POP3/IMAP/SMTP protocols.

Last year, it focused on Google Assistant, Google Photos and standalone DayDream VR headsets.

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