Alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur charged in eighth death

Toronto police to provide update on Bruce McArthur investigation Monday

Alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur accused of killing eighth victim

Toronto police are slated to release more details this morning on the mystery man in a photograph found on alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur's computer.

Idsinga said Kanagaratnam, who was identified with the help of an unnamed worldwide agency, was allegedly killed between September and December 2015.

Police had previously identified the remains of six other victims in those planters.

The new charge is for the death of Kirushna Kumar Kanagaratnam, who arrived in Canada from Sri Lanka in 2010.

Police released the photo to the public in March and confirmed his identity last week.

Idsinga said that Kanagaratnam was the man in the photo, but he declined to say how police came by the image.

McArthur, Idsinga believes, killed Kanagaratnam between Sept 3, 2015 and December 14, 2015 - less than a month after another alleged victim, Soroush Mahmudi, was reported missing by his family.

McArthur, 66, was arrested in January and charged with the murders of Andrew Kinsman and Selim Esen, who went missing from Toronto's gay village in 2017. He declined to say how the worldwide agency contributed to the investigation or how Toronto police came by the photo in the first place.

Like most of the other men the self-employed landscaper is believed to have slain, however, Kanagaratnam's remains were recovered from planters at a central Toronto home where McArthur once worked.

The charges relate to the deaths of Selim Esen, 44, Abdulbasir Faizi, 44, Majeed Kayhan, 58, Andrew Kinsman, 49, Dean Lisowick, 47, Soroush Mahmudi, 50, and Skandaraj Navaratnam, 40.

Idsinga says Kanagaratnam's remains were found at a home McArthur used as storage for his landscaping business.

There is now no evidence to connect the cases to McArthur, but Idsinga has said he "wouldn't be surprised" if he is linked to more killings.

"He doesn't quite fit the profile of what we've seen before", Idsinga said.

"We have a lot of searches still to do", he said.

Police, at the time, also announced they are now investigating 15 cold cases between 1975 and 1997.

It remains unclear where the man was from or how he was identified.

He emphasized, however, that police have not uncovered any evidence to suggest that McArthur's alleged killing spree began before 2010 when Navaratnam is believed to have died. The disappearance became part of a police investigation called Project Prism launched in August.

What do we know about the investigation so far?


Police say there are no links between Kanagaratnam and "Gay Village" of Toronto.

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