Gmail is testing sending confidential emails that automatically expire

New Gmail Interface

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The new design won't be any mere cosmetic exercise but will sport new functional features, which include Smart Reply (like the one on the mobile), an email snoozing feature where you can choose when the email reappears again and offline support.

Google has confirmed that its Gmail update will come soon hence it is supposed to be available within the coming weeks. Google is planning to introduce some big changes to the way users use Gmail. The Android and iOS clients both use Material Design, but the web client's interface hasn't been updated for years.

TechCrunch also pointed out that when a ProtonMail user sends an expiring message to another ProtonMail user, the email looks like a regular email in the box. In addition, users will be able to set an expiration date on sent email.

Additionally, when viewing a confidential email, Google reportedly disables the ability to copy or print anything in the email - though as the images in TechCrunch's story prove, there's nothing stopping someone from taking a screenshot or even a picture with a nearby smartphone.

'We're working on some major updates to Gmail (they're still in draft phase)', a Google spokesperson told MailOnline. The message hints at a fresh, clean look for Gmail on the web.

"Google Go offers an easy way for users to specify an additional language for search and switch easily between English and Kiswahili", said Mr Murito.

The Pixel can still be seen on the Australian Google Store, however on the top right hand corner the button that used to say "buy" now says "no longer available".

Earlier this week, we reported that Google was about to give Gmail a well-needed facelift.

As of now, it's unknown whether the feature is going to be compatible with non-Gmail users. According to the TechCrunch report and additional details found by The Verge, it sounds like Google creates a link to the confidential email and then emails that link to the recipient, who will be required to log in with Google account details or enter the SMS-generated passcode to view the message behind the link.

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