Facebook Stories will now add Instagram's Boomerang feature and AR drawings

Facebook said there was little evidence people had changed their online behaviour since the data scandal

Facebook said there was little evidence people had changed their online behaviour since the data scandalDADO RUVIC REUTERS

That is exactly what a feature like Stories has done to companies like Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp and now Facebook. The Cambridge Analytica scandal has been the epicentre for all the vociferous opinions that have been raised against the popular social media network, as many can not fathom the fact that their private information was mined without any staunch approval.

Facebook is leveling up its Stories feature.

It's fun intended. The user can add a doodle that is not in the frame and adjust the camera position to see if the markings are in place.

The new feature is named as 3D drawing and it allows a user to create various shapes and also write text on the videos shot by the Facebook camera before or at the time of video recording. "Currently, it only does that when it's confident about the object recognition, such as in optimal light conditions", Techcrunch writes.

The survey by Creative Strategies which appeared on Tech pinions has revealed that from the Facebook's estimated 214 million users in the United States, 19.2 million deleted their account over the past few weeks alone.

Cambridge Analytica developed an app, which Facebook inevitably granted permission for, that would be able to mine data from a users "likes", which according to data scientists could be used to "automatically and accurately to predict a range of highly sensitive personal attributes". "Now, it's quicker and easier to capture and share moments as they happen with the people you care about most!" .

"We are building a new data portability tool. That has prompted the social network to make Stories available to brands, to merge it with Messenger Day (yet another Snapchat-like feature) and to mull over the possibility of allowing users to create Stories on PC".

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