CHP: San Diego teen dies in vehicle crash on way to Coachella

According to the complaint artists are contractually prohibited from performing at other West Coast festivals for months after the April event

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Now, if you're not going to attend the festival you could be a little bit upset but, there is great news for you. coachella has set a full live stream of the event with 4 channels, one more than previous year.

Following YouTube's announcement, SiriusXM has stated that it will be the exclusive radio broadcaster of live performances and interviews from Coachella for the fourth consecutive year.

And the names on the bill are exciting - because the three headliners are Beyonce, Eminem and The Weeknd.

Soul'd Out claims that Coachella's radius clause extends more than 1,000 miles from Indio - affecting the West Coast, Arizona and Nevada - and lasts for nearly half the year surrounding artists' sets at Coachella (from December 15, 2017, until May 7, 2018).

The broadcast will include interviews and live concert performances from Beyoncé, The Weeknd, Post Malone, Kygo, Cardi B, The War on Drugs, Portugal.

It's that time of year again: Coachella is about to begin.

Tickets for this year's festival were released back in January and, despite its premium price tag, were immediately sold out.

Here's a primer of 10 acts worth streaming during this fine Coachella weekend.

VIP passes, which retails for $999, allows access to day parking lots, three VIP areas, and the GA camping areas. And most importantly, who is on the line-up for 2018?

The schedule is subject to last minute tweaks and changes, so you can keep track of that on a tab on Coachella's YouTube page.

Meanwhile, Goldenvoice, LLC - a co-defendant in the lawsuit - said in a statement, "The producers of Coachella will vigorously defend against this lawsuit, which calls into question a long-standing industry practice that is crucial to our ability to continue offering fans the unrivaled experience for which Coachella has become known". Following, Soul'd Out proceeded to file a suit to the United States District Court saying that requiring artists to sign a 5 month radius clause, even after the festival, violates anti-trust and unfair competition laws, creating "an illegal monopoly in the market for live music festival performances".

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