Apple employees warned and arrested for leaking information, reveals a leaked memo

Аналитики Apple не успевает разрабатывать программное обеспечение для своих продуктов

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Apple has gone full swivel-eyed, control-freak insane on its own employees with a demented internal memo decrying information leaks.

The memo warned that anyone caught leaking company information may not just lose their jobs, but they could face jail and fines. In 2017, Apple caught 29 leakers. According to the memo, of the dozen individuals arrested, some were employees, while others were contracts and partners in the company's supply chain. There were rumors Apple would release a copper gold or "blush gold" version of the iPhone X at launch, but it never materialized. With the iPhone X not selling as well as expected, analysts say Apple might "counter intuitively" raise the price when it launches the new version of the flagship phone later this year. [.] Everyone comes to Apple to do the best work of their lives - work that matters and contributes to what all 135,000 people in this company are doing together.

Despite the warning, the threatening memo about leaking was leaked to Bloomberg.

Hajek's renders are popular in that they generally imagine what Apple products could be, or what they could have been. "The potential criminal consequences of leaking are real", says Tom Moyer of Global Security, "and that can become part of your personal and professional identity forever". 12 of those were arrested. They also state that once a leaker is fired, Apple will try hard to make finding employment elsewhere almost impossible.

Apple seems to be notorious for its culture of secrecy and has reportedly made employees sign non-disclosure agreements specific to projects and even used black cloths to cover unreleased products. The leaked information can result either in negative sales of an existing product or a slow start to a new product or can give a chance to competitors to enter the market before Apple does.

Details about soon-to-be-released software, the iPhone X, and the Apple Watch were some of the proprietary information exposed to the public too soon.

Apple isn't the only company with this problem, as most big companies with juicy products face leaking employees. The company is also working with its suppliers to prevent theft of intellectual property, and to identify individuals who try to access information that they are not entitled to have. Leakers not only lose their job but also may have trouble getting hired elsewhere.

Earlier this year, we all had a good laugh when a memo from Snapchat parent Snap leaked.

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