Air China flight diverted after passenger threatens crew with fountain pen

Man Holds Air China Flight Attendant Hostage With Fountain Pen, Forces Plane to Divert

Man tries to hijack Beijing-bound Air China flight with pen, forces place to make emergency landing in Zhengzhou

Air China flight CA1350 took off at around 8.40am local time and was diverted to the city of Zhengzhou after the incident unfolded. But its scheduled arrival at Beijing Airport at 11 AM was hindered due to a detour to Zhengzhou. It landed there at 10 AM and all the passengers and crew members are safe. Further, the matter is being probed by the police and aviation authorities.

As per a brief statement on the airline's website, the Civil Aviation Administration of China states that a male passenger on the Air China Flight 1350, attempted to use a fountain pen to hold the flight attendant under threat. It said only that "the matter was successfully handled" by 1:17 pm but did not provide any details.

The identity of the alleged hostage-taker has not been revealed yet.

In 2016 there was even the case of a Chinese tourist who activated the emergency slide on a China Southern aircraft in order to "get some fresh air".

But it made the unscheduled landing at Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, in central Henan province, at 9:58am, according to an earlier post on Air China's official Weibo microblog.

"Presently the airport is operating as normal", the group said in a statement.

The Xiaoxiang Morning Herald quoted a passenger as saying that the disturbance occurred in the first or business class cabins but that the curtains separating those sections from economy class were pulled tightly shut. The passenger described seeing armed personnel in camouflage uniforms assembled in two or three rows.

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