Samsung hit with patent lawsuit over biometric tech used in Galaxy smartphones

PACid Technologies Files Suit Against Samsung

Samsung hit with patent lawsuit over Galaxy S biometrics tech

According to PACid, two United States patents (Patent 9,577,994 and 9,876,771) and one South Korean patent (named KR20110128567A) have been infringed upon.

Because Samsung is now leading the FIDO Alliance, an organization that aims to develop standardized authentication technologies, including biometrics, across industries, it's believed that PACid could purse other cases against FIDO members Amazon, Google and LG.

The patents, two of which are said to be based in the U.S. and one of which originated from Korea, have seemingly been infringed upon by Samsung's KNOX security system and biometric operating system PASS. All three relate to data encryption. The suit alleges that Samsung used these patents to help it develop its fingerprint, face and iris scanners.

All of Samsung's Galaxy smartphone models of the past three years are implicated in the lawsuit, including the Galaxy S6, S7, S8, and their Edge iterations. PACid Technologies also claims that the aforementioned three patents were infringed by the Samsung PASS identity management service, and the Samsung KNOX mobile enterprise security system. The company is also known as a patent troll, which is something addressed on the company's web pages.

The phone has launched at 1,99,100 won ($185) in South Korea, and with a promotional scheme for students which allows them to exchange it for a high-end model after exams finish.

Considering the amount of money that the phones named in the suit generated for Samsung, you can be sure that PACid is seeking a huge judgment in its favor.

PACid calls itself a data security company, but pundits discussing this case have dubbed it a patent troll.

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