Camilla wasn't bored, just 'tired'

Prince Charles declared the Games officially open on behalf of his mother Queen Elizabeth II and shook hands with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

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The eyebrow-raising claims made headlines worldwide - and with Charles and wife Camilla in Australia to open the Commonwealth Games, Hit105 reporter Jase, from Stav, Abby and Matt's breakfast radio show, chose to go straight to the source to find out the truth.

Camilla had spent the day of the ceremony in Brisbane at public engagements, after having taken a long-haul flight from the United Kingdom to Australia for the games, and immediately went from her Brisbane events to a reception prior to the opening ceremony, and then the opening ceremony itself.

Pictures of Camilla thumbing through a programme in the VIP box between her husband Prince Charles and Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull were widely circulated on social media, prompting some users to criticise the 70-year-old for failing to show more appreciation.

Opening the Queen's baton to take out a message from his mother thankfully (and unlike at the Glasgow Games) went off without a hitch and even drew a little giggle from the Prince and those on stage with him. "No one could understand let alone enjoy what all that indigenous symbolism was about ..."

At the close of the formalities he emerged from a tunnel and walked to the centre of stadium where Sally Pearson had just delivered the baton.

"This was an opportunity to celebrate Australia, to celebrate Queensland", he said.

"In this spirit of cooperation and togetherness, common ground has been established and enduring friendships forged".

And then, with a flick and a flourish, he got down to business.

Commonwealth Games Federation president Louise Martin said if Camilla came across as bored, it was "not true".

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall afterwards visited Commonwealth House, Broadbeach. The families of the policemen injured in the crash were notified.

The Duchess of Cornwall appeared disinterested at times during the ceremony and was caught on camera browsing through the program during Games chairman Peter Beattie's speech.

"The only time she got a break was when she sat in the vehicle from Brisbane to here". She coupled it with an elegant pearl choker.

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