Jay-Z Shares New Details About His Mum's Emotional Coming Out Story

JAY-Z “My Guest Needs No Introduction”

JAY-Z “My Guest Needs No Introduction” Netflix

Fans will remember that Jay'z latest album, 4:44, includes a song where he reflects on his mother's life as a "thespian", pretending to be straight with four kids all her life. "I'm tellin' you, [if] you're having a debate over whether a guy's a racist, chances are that guy's a racist", he says of Trump. "What is that?" he said.

"Smile" went on to become one of the most buzzed-about songs on "4:44", and features a spoken-word outro from Gloria Carter herself. And it might seem lovely now Jay, but you wait 'til you've got a teenager on your hands.

Jay-Z's comments to Letterman confirm his mom's own memory of the conversation. And I just, I cried.

Astonished by the timing of the revelation, Letterman asked: "This is the first time you learned your mother was gay?"

Well, isn't this adorable: Hip-hop mogul JAY-Z turns to mush at the mere mention of his 6-year-old princess, Blue Ivy. She said "I feel like". "/ In the shadows people see you as happy and free / Because that's what you want them to see / Living two lives, happy, but not free". "I wake up, I look around, look at my kids, they're healthy", the Grammy-winner said.

The next day, Jay-Z "made" his song "Smile".

Nonetheless, it wouldn't make sense for Beyonce and Jay Z to perform music material that they've already performed together on their previous "On the Run" tour, which was held at a limited amount of stadiums across the world in 2014.

The rapper also explained to Letterman that when his mother came out to him he cried tears of joy.

"And you think you're protecting your kids", Jay-Z said on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.

JAY Z has become very open about both his relationship with wife Beyoncé and other parts of his personal life in recent times and the couple have in fact just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.

"Don't matter to me if it's a him or her. I really cried", the rapper said.

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