Dramatic moment teacher body slams student captured on camera

Dramatic Video Shows Subsitute Teacher Body Slamming Student Over Valentine’s Day Candy

Dramatic Video Shows Subsitute Teacher Body Slamming Student Over Valentine’s Day Candy

The incident, which reportedly took place on Valentine's Day at Western Guilford Middle School in Greensboro, occurred after the teacher apparently took away Jose Escudero's Valentine chocolates.

A substitute teacher at a middle school in North Carolina has been fired following the release of a video that shows him body-slamming a student in the classroom. The teacher confiscated the chocolates and put them in the sink.

The short clip was shared on Facebook on Friday by Escudero's mother, Mayo Corrales, who says her son was suspended for seven days due to the incident.

THIS is the shocking moment a 12-year-old boy was BODYSLAMMED by his own teacher after a "dispute over Valentine's Day chocolates". She also wrote along with it about the incident that happened on Valentine's Day, and added she wants "justice" for her child.

A substitute teacher in Greensboro, North Carolina was sacked last week after video surfaced that shows him body-slamming one of his students.

The teacher, according to the student, attempted to grab the box from him and throw them away, before allegedly grabbing the 12-year-old by the shirt and pinning him against the wall.

Seconds later, the teacher can be seen grabbing the student by his waist, raising him in the air like he was a sack of grain, and threw him over the shoulder.

The student said he had bruises on his elbow, shoulder and back. Both Escudero and his mom say they now plan to take legal action against both the school and teacher. The police have not named a suspect, and no charges have been filed, though people are still being interviewed.

He told Fox 8 News he waited until the end of class to get them back and was putting them in his bag when the teacher grabbed them from him.

Officials for the Guilford County Schools district have called the incident "unacceptable" and have said that Stennett, who started working for the school district in December 2017, has lost his job. "We reported the behavior to law enforcement and will no longer employ this person as a substitute teacher or in any other Guilford County Schools position".

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