Kim Kardashian West Receives Backlash for New Concealer Kits

KKW Beauty model defends Kim Kardashian makeup line's lack of diversity

Kim Kardashian West Receives Backlash for New Concealer Kits

After all of the backlash, Mouna Fadiga, one of the darkskin models featured in the campaign commented on the KKW Beauty post stating that her skin tone was in fact covered in the line, defending Kardashian's color range. However, Kim's new line of concealers will only come in 16 shades. Many others have said she is "pretending" with the dark skinned models in her campaign.

When news of Kim Kardashian's latest KKW range dropped, fans and devotees were quick to lavish praise with some going as far as to call her the "Queen of diversity". People were also upset with the reality's star campaign that features a diverse group of women of various ethnicities and ages, but her make-up line reflects indifferently. Many Fans took to Twitter to express how they feel about her shade range. I had the make up on and it fits perfectly on my skin color. "I am not wearing any makeup usually so I know when I have it on if it's good or not and here it was the case, I even keep (sic) it on me and went [to] have diner [with] a friend", Fadiga reportedly wrote. Since concealers are supposed to hide blemishes, discolorations, and other flaws on the skin, at least one of its shades must be close to the user's natural skin tone to do the job.

Kim Kardashian's latest KKW Beauty concealer collection hasn't been released yet and it's already stirring up controversy on social media.

The high-performance sports gear brand was co-founded in 2005 by former world triathlon champion, Jamie Hunt after spending 13 years as a professional athlete, and they collaborated with Yeezy on their season 5 New York Fashion Week launch in 2017 to create a sports luxe look by fusing Yeezy's signature casual pieces with the neoprene fabric used in 2XU wetsuits. In concealers however, having a lot shades is not necessary. KKW beauty only has 4 less than Fenty beauty. You want the concealer to brighten up your face not blend in to your foundation.

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