Donald Trump gives Kiwi Chris Liddell top White House job

John Kelly names Kushner’s pal as his new deputy

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"He's going to be the deputy to John Kelly and possibly the most powerful Kiwi on the planet because he's going to be the Deputy Chief of Staff in charge of policy".

Mr Liddell has been named as White House deputy chief of staff.

"I'm sure he will be mindful of the United States relationship with NZ but ultimately he's being employed to do a job that is much larger than just that but who knows what it will mean for us".

Chris Liddell now serves as the White House director of strategic initiatives and he will likely be controlling the policy-making decisions in his new position.

The former chief executive of Carter Holt Harvey has had a stellar business career in the U.S., including senior roles at Microsoft and General Motors.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said Liddell had extensive experience managing large organisations and had already overseen a number of interagency processes in the White House.

New Zealand businessman Chris Liddell has been promoted to a top role in US President Donald Trump's White House.

"In his new role, Chris will manage the policy process as we continue to enact the president's agenda".

Other companies on Liddell's resume include General Motors, and he also worked with the Mitt Romney Presidential campaign.

One of the Office of American Innovation leaders is taking a new role within the White House. In April 2017, Trump signed an executive order creating a new technology council to overhaul the USA government's information technology systems. Trump has cited estimates that the government could save up to $1 trillion over 10 years through improving government IT and eliminating waste.

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