Cent Responds to Vivica A. Fox's Claims About Their Sex Life

50 Cent

50 Cent

Vivica A. Fox is now plugging her upcoming self-help book "Every Day, I'm Hustling" and-surprise!-she's talking about her relationship with rapper 50 Cent, which ended 100 years ago, back in 2003.

That's what 50 Cent wants to know after finding his name being written by his ex on the topic of - what else? - their sex life!

In one excerpt, she claims that while their chemistry was definitely strong, the rapper was much more focused on his career than on their sex life.

Elsewhere, Fox detailed 50's alleged proposal plans during a 2003 Monaco trip involving a 14-carat diamond ring, a rented theater, and Kill Bill.

Of course, 50 has already responded to the news that he's a subject in Fox's book. Fox opened up about their relationship in 2005. After he caught wind of the story, the "In da Club" hitmaker lashes out against his ex-girlfriend on Instagram. Continually emphasizing that it has been 14 years since their relationship, Fif is confused to be hearing about all this now.

Although the clip starts out with 50 showing off his new NAACP Image Award for Power, it quickly turns into the entertainment tycoon ranting about the comments made on his previous post. 50 was apparently not done there as he recorded a video on his Instagram, addressing the issue again and giving his two cents. "I walked over to him and I said, 'Happy New Year.' He was with some guys, I don't remember them". I introduced myself and said hello to everyone. I told him, 'I will always love you.

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