Shane McMahon Takes Leave as "Smackdown Live" Commissioner

NewsAJ Styles Believes Match With Shinsuke Nakamura At Wrestle Mania 34 Would Be Huge By Andrew Ravens

NewsAJ Styles Believes Match With Shinsuke Nakamura At Wrestle Mania 34 Would Be Huge By Andrew Ravens

He has become increasingly involved in the storylines of late, with tensions with Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and general manager Daniel Bryan being part of almost every program.

Bryan Alvarez discussed the WrestleMania match announcement on today's installment of Wrestling Observe Live and speculated that the match could be changed and both Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan could have a role in the match of some sorts. However, things did not go down as planned for the SmackDown commissioner.

Zayn and Owens attacked Shane McMahon when they wrapped a chair around his neck and slammed him into the ring post, then they dragged him backstage and powerbombed him onto a metal rack to end the show. This enraged the duo, who made a decision to interfere with the proceedings and show their anger in the most expected way.

The update by WWE added that Shane McMahon would be examined further to ensure that there are no major injuries. Plus, speculation only increased on Monday Night RAW this week when - during the Roman Reigns segment - Shane was spotted sitting next to Vince which prompted a sarcastic response from Owens on Twitter. According to Google Trends search data, fan interest in SmackDown also dropped to an average "interest over time" score of 29 just last month, marking the lowest average score for the blue brand at any point since 2004. That's where Sami Zayn got pulled into this feud, as he got involved as Owens' "guardian angel", pulling Owens off a table as Shane flew from the top of the Hell in a Cell. Bryan has always been sympathetic toward the duo due to the treatment meted out by the commissioner. A wedge was ultimately driven between Owens and Zayn, sure, but in the process SmackDown was bogged down by a rivalry between Shane and Bryan that couldn't physically be paid off because of Bryan's current medical situation.

It's going to be interesting to see how this one unfolds as we edge closer to WrestleMania 34.

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