Righetti High School lockdown lifted following social media threat

Another day, another lockdown, as South Jersey high school deals with threat

Threat Causes Lockdown At Atlantic City High School

Ted Henderson told reporters that no threat was found after a systematic room-by-room search of the large high school. I'm sick of this sh*t.

Righetti and St. Joseph high schools were placed on lockdown this morning after several students received an anonymous text warning there was a gun on campus, according to school officials, although the threat of violence was later determined to be unrelated to the Orcutt campuses.

All other schools in the San Leandro Unified School District are open, police said.

- NBC Bay Area (@nbcbayarea) March 14, 2018The San Leandro school district said the move is a "strictly a precautionary move in order to systematically inspect the school grounds", KTVU reported.

All students and staff at San Leandro High School are safe.

- A lockdown has been lifted at San Leandro High School Wednesday afternoon after a school shooting threat was written on a bathroom wall in what appeared to be permanent marker.

That same user had earlier tweeted: "I am a student at San Leandro high school and I'm tweeting for the students and I can confirm we are all now safe and locked inside of our classrooms". Wright City R-II Schools say they will be sending updates.

He said the postings were the product of rumors spreading through the student body.

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