Google Plans Free WiFi Hotspots for Developing Nations

Google Station's high-speed Wi-Fi hotspots expand to Mexico starting today

Google's bringing free, high-speed Wi-Fi to 60+ locations across Mexico

"We are finding that public Wi-Fi remains still a very important way to get online", Anjali Joshi, a vice president for product management at Google, told reporters.

The initiative is promoting Google Stations, what the tech giant touts as "an easy set of tools to roll out Wi-Fi hotspots in public spaces" while presumably also keeping service fast and secure.

The premise behind Station is to improve access to high bandwidth services in areas where internet data plans might not be affordable, and thus users are reticent to surf the web.

By the end of the year, Google hopes to have more than 100 locations hooked up in Mexico as part of its first Station push into Latin America.

For this first rollout of Station in Mexico, Google is partnering with ISP Sitwifi to convert existing hotspots.

Google's foray into Mexico marks the third Google Station project following the launch of Google Station in Indonesia in August of past year.

These new Google Station hotspots promise to offer "speedy", "reliable" Wi-Fi.

Google's initial batch of Wi-Fi zones is scattered across the country, from the Ciudad Juarez airport at the USA border to posh shopping centers in Mexico City. At the moment, over 60 high-traffic venues throughout the country have Station up and running. Google Station now boasts roughly 8 million users every month in India, and the company sees great potential for its growth in Mexico as well.

"So if you're near one of the locations, go watch a high-quality video (or maybe save some YouTube offline for later)!"

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