Monster Hunter World's Spring Update Dated and Detailed; Deviljho Gameplay Revealed

Monster Hunter World Adding Deviljho Week

'Monster Hunter' Update: Capcom Teases Deviljho's Upcoming Return

Starting March 22 players will begin to find themselves face to face with Deviljho, a fierce beast whose endless stomach has him in search of any monsters or hunters that lie in his path. The patch is also said to re-balance the game's weapons, but details on this have yet to be made available.

Capcom will be hosting a special livestream event that is scheduled to start at 11:00 a.m. GMT on March 14. April will also see the Spring Blossom Fest taking place and the Mega Man Palico gear surfacing.

Other major changes include reduced loading times, the ability to return to the Gathering Hall multiplayer area after a quest, alongside a raft of balance tweaks to nearly all of the game's 14 weapon types. Look forward to celebrating the Spring Blossom Festival that will run from April 5 to April 18 with hunters around the world.

Following shortly after the Wyvern Ignition Great Sword, players will be able to take on an Event Quest for the retro Mega Man armor. For hunters looking for new gear the Weapon Design Contest victor will also be made available starting at the beginning of the Spring Blossom Festival.

Attacks from allies no longer interrupt you during the carving animation. Information was, and still is, sparse on the update, the only thing that is clear is that a major update will arrive by spring, it will feature the return of Deviljho, a fan favorite monster, and it will be completely free. One extra detail worth noting is the introduction of Character Edit Vouchers, which will allow you to change your hunter's gender and appearance.

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