Microsoft launches fist data centres in Middle East

Microsoft to add new Azure regions in Germany, Switzerland, UAE

Microsoft to open its first datacentres in Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates

The two new regions will help provide companies with enterprise-grade reliability combined with data residency within Germany. That followed a few quarters of slower investment as Microsoft filled data centers it had already built. Microsoft is opening its first datacentres in Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

The company, based in Redmond, Washington, said in January that it would boost spending to add cloud capacity. The company declined to say where in Germany or specify when all the new sites will open. The coming datacenter regions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai - will be Microsoft's first in the Middle East. Microsoft's regions in Switzerland will be in Geneva and Zurich, officials said. Microsoft is planning to offer Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 from new datacentre locations, in addition to the options now available in Germany. Expanding into the Middle East will make Microsoft's platform more competitive, allowing customers in the region to store their data closer to home.

Microsoft had deep local contacts and relationships in the Middle East and they wanted to help the public and private institutions meet the tremendous growth and technological innovation that is taking place in the country and all over the world.

Speaking to Khaleej Times in an interview, Sayed Hashish, regional general manager of Microsoft in the Gulf region, said that the announcement is part of Microsoft's global strategy to expand its data centre footprint. However, it will also offer resilient cloud services to the reliable companies. While it still trails behind market leader Amazon Web Services, Azure is in a stable second position with 20 percent market share.

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