Google Plus Codes for Maps announced as digital location-based addressing system

Here’s how to use Plus codes on Google Maps

Here’s how to use Plus codes on Google Maps

Google India has made a number of announcements to improve the overall Maps experience in India.

Google says Plus codes are supposed to simplify address search in India where often the address system is more complicated and longer than say countries in the West. The free-to-use geocoding system formally known as Open Location Code was added to Google Maps in 2015. Essentially, they are digital alternatives to the addresses we have physically.

When asked about the impact of the Geospatial Information Regulation Bill on Maps offerings in India, Ruhela said the Indian government is promoting location services in many ways.

Google Maps gets three new features in India: Google Maps has been vastly expanding and with internet affordable, Google Maps have been widely used in India. The features are mostly aimed at easing the efforts of the users when it comes to searching and sharing addresses. They are unique in format, and vary across regions, localities, and use cases. In addition to this, a majority of addresses are hard to locate, especially those of people living in remote locations. The feature zeroes in on an area based on the "Plus Code" which is provided by a user. Anyone can generate, share or even search for any particular location using this format with the help of Google Maps. This open source solution can be incorporated into any app featuring location services. The feature has been there outside India since past few years and in testing stages in India for some months. Similar way, you can know the plus code for your home or work.

According to Google, Plus Codes are based on latitude and longitude - the grid that can be used to describe every point on the planet.

One of the newnesses is the open sourced solution called Plus Codes.

To find the plus code of a random location on the earth, tap and hold that location to drop a pin. If the location is within or near a town, the area code isn't needed. Similarly, entering a Plus Code into the search bar also has the same result.

For a week, a google maps user can include Mario auto on navigation interface replacing default arrow key while using maps.

How will Plus Code change the way we navigate?

Google Maps Six Codes: Is it replacing local addresses in a nerdy way?

While some addresses are well-defined by street names and house numbers that are easy to find, others can be long-winded and hard to locate. Being able to precisely navigate without local knowledge is hard. For instance, the codes could cause confusion if you're booking a cab at your address which shares the same codes with nearby houses in your area.

The applications of Plus Codes goes beyond just locating a friend or a tourist destination.

Plus Codes are alphanumeric codes, wherein the first four characters constitute the area code and next four and two characters identify the local area and individual house/business. Along with it, Google has also introduced voice navigation support in six additional Indian languages that include Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam.

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